FOB green beans

For volumes over 100 bags

Green beans shipped directly from origin on fob terms, for those looking for great coffees and are able to take over 100 bags

Tropiq is a company branched out of Nordic Approach to further develop all our origin activities. We will invest in origin and focus on sourcing only. Through this we will be able to structure the supply for Nordic Approach, as well as sell coffee directly to clients in need of bigger volumes. This will be on FOB terms from origin to any client looking for coffees thats within our product range. Through our big network of producers and exporters we have access to way more coffees and profiles than what we currently are buying.

In some places we will have our own offices and ground staff, like Tropiq Ethiopia. In other places where we source we will be presented by the staff from HQ in Oslo or our third party service providers in origin, read more about us.

Tim Wendelboe – will be part of the team and run projects on product development at origin. Finca Tamana and new projects will be integrated in the work of Tropiq/NA. He will also contribute with documentation, features and origin reports based on the development and outcome of the projects.

FOB sales

If you’re a roaster/importer looking for volumes above 100 bags, have access to finance and are ready to bring the coffees directly to your destination, this is an option. You will be able to get super nice coffees and still save money as our margins will be way lower than when we are charging for shipment, customs, handling, finance and risk management.

An FOB purchase means that you will be financially responsible for shipping, and have to pay us for the coffee prior to arrival. But buying coffees on FOB terms from us is supposed to be easy. This means we will help you find the right coffees, contract it for you and follow the process until it is shipped from origin. We can find a shipper for you, or you can decide who to use. We can also advice you on shipping instructions and the normal necessary documentation.

Every country is slightly different, and for further information about our range please contact us.