What we offer

Flexible import options, a range of coffees, trusted partners

Varied import options

We work with buyers importing directly, those who work with their own importer, and roasters looking for forward book large volumes through our sister company, Nordic Approach.

Scaleable Coffee Categories

We source traceable high quality coffees with a range of price points and processing methods, from 85 to 90+ points. Let us know your requirements and we will propose an offering.

Trusted Coffee Partners

At origin, many coffees on the cupping table taste great, but only experience can tell you which suppliers can deliver the same quality to your warehouse. Connect directly with the producers and exporters we know and trust.

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Our latest blog posts from origin

The Harvest Part 2

Once the coffees have been delivered to the washing station, they are then sorted to be used as natural or washed coffees – or even honeys as discussed in part 1. After they have been Read more…

Anarsora Washing Station

Having been under construction for the past five months and nearing completion Israel Degfa’s new washing station is just needing those few finishing touches that will make it a great example to other washing stations Read more…


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