What we offer

Flexible import options, a range of coffees, full traceability

Varied import options

We work with buyers importing directly, those who work with their own importer, and roasters looking to forward book large volumes through our sister company, Nordic Approach. Click to see our service tier comparison.

Scaleable Coffee Categories

We source traceable high-quality coffees with a range of price points and processing methods, from 82 to 90+ points. See our origins below for coffee categories, price ranges and processing options in each country.

Full Traceability

It is possible to apply the principles of traceability and transparency to your entire menu, not just the high scoring micro-lots. We offer full traceability for every coffee we source, including the large volumes and blends.

Contact Our Sourcing Team

Make a time to discuss your coffee needs with a member of our sourcing team.


While Tropiq sources coffees from over ten countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa, these origins our our main focus.


The cornerstone of our business, we have a team on the ground to ensure your coffees reaches port quickly and of the same quality you selected.



Every day of the year there is someone harvesting coffee in Colombia. We focus on four regions and work with a wide range of producers for scaleable volumes.



We are working to create a new category of Brazilian coffee - consistent high quality lots from small to medium producers, all fully traceable.


Our latest blog posts from origin

The Colombian Yield Factor

The Colombia yield factor, or factor, is integral to the pricing of Colombian coffees, however it is expressed differently to other origins. Jordi explains what it is, and why it is crucial to understanding the Read more…


Photos on the homepage by Jake Green for the Drink My Sweat documentary project.

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