Ethiopian coffees are known for needing some time to rest before they open up. Cupping coffees before this rest can be challenging, the flavors can be muted or hidden and sometimes it’s hard to see through the grape-like astringency. Once the coffee has opened up, it is easier to see the true profiles and attributes of the coffee.

So, we try to be patient. Even if there are coffees in the warehouses ready to be contracted and shipped in February and March, we know there will be beautiful coffees to cup during April and May. This is true for washed coffees, and even more so for naturals, as the better naturals usually arrive later in the season. It is pretty usual for us to offer coffees at this time of year and ship throughout June and July.

Ensuring representative samples

In the south, up at the higher altitudes, this season’s harvest was much longer than usual. Many of our producers were harvesting until the middle of February. It takes a while from the moment the coffees are harvested until they are in the warehouses in Addis, that is, until we will have samples that represent the actual stock lots of what we buy and offer to you. Even if we can sample coffees while they are in the washing stations, we know that to have a representative sample for the whole lot, it’s important to contract coffee based on a proper stocklot sample from the warehouses in Addis.

The Guji Revolution

We have really stunning coffees to offer from Yirgacheffe and Sidamo this season, but I also want to highlight coffees from Guji. This region has been going through a small coffee revolution. It has been long known for a singular flavor profile, but what we have found lately is much greater diversity of flavours. They can perform with typical Yirgacheffe and Sidamo notes, or they can be something unique that you have never tasted before.

Washed coffees available now

While these coffee began arriving in Addis in February, many of the coffees from our trusted washing stations did not start to arrive in Addis until March. Coffees are still coming in and more are expected in May, specifically the coffees we buy from Guji, where they harvest coffees at altitudes above 2000 masl.

If you’re looking for coffees now we have some great Guji coffees, Grade 1 in particular, but also fully traceable Grade 2 at a slightly lower price point.

Gr 1 prices range from 3,20 – 3,60 USD/lb FOB

Gr 2 prices range from 2,40 – 2,80 USD/lb FOB

Naturals available now

It is naturals season! We will be able to send you samples of a good range of rested coffees that have just begun to open up in the cup. We have seen a wide range of flavours this year for our traceable Grade 1 improved preparations. You have everything from the heavy, classic fruity coffees, to more bright, citrusy and stone fruit like profiles. There are several regions to choose from, but Guji is where we see the widest range.  

Price ranges from 3,20 – 3,80 USD/lb  FOB

Shipping dates

If you contract coffees with us during the next 2-5 weeks, we should be able to ship them June/July.

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