Our sourcing service offers two import options: 

Direct FOB
For companies with the financial and logistical resources to receive coffees directly at their port of destination, or roasteries working with their own importer.

Direct Import
Ideal for roasters looking to forward book large volumes through our sister company, Nordic Approach.

Service Tier Comparison

  • Direct FOB
  • Direct Import
Direct FOBDirect Import
Economical option for companies who seek shipping directly to port of destination
Pre-contracted high volumes. Administration and import services included. Financing available.
Minimum1 container100 bags
Offer sample preselectionTropiqTropiq
Offer sample selectionClientClient or Tropiq on client's behalf
ImporterClient selectsNordic Approach
Contracting, shipping instructions, bag markingClient of client's preferred importerNordic Approach
Shipping lineClient or Tropiq selectTropiq's preferred shipping line
PSS approvalClientClient
ARS approvalClient, within 28 calendar days per EU Coffee ContractClient
Quality assurance on arrivalClientNordic Approach
Payment termsCash Against Documents30 days, financing available
PriceFOBFOB + import fees + optional financing