Morten has been working with Marysabel Caballero and her husband Moises Herrera for over a decade, and their coffees were among the first on the offer list of our sister company Nordic Approach when it started in 2012.

These coffee producers from the Marcala region of Honduras have over 200 hectares of farm land, plus they own a wet and dry mill giving them greater control of the processing and milling. Over the years as we have developed a great working relationship with this couple. We identified demand in the market for new methods of processing, and Marysabel and Moises have responded with various styles of Honduran naturals and special preps like anaerobic.

We are thrilled to now offer coffees from Los Caballeros through Tropiq. Together we have developed a selection of blends, each representing a specific profile. These profiles, three washed and three naturals, have been carefully crafted by Marysabel and Moises and are ready for booking now.

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We have sample packs featuring this selection of six profiles. Stocks are extremely limited.Contact Alex now to get your sample pack.


Washed, 86+, from $6.83 USD/kg:

Momoto: stone fruit, herbal, sweet with medium acidity

Tinamú: sweet, milk chocolate, nutty, balanced, low acidity

Euphonia: fruit, rich, milk florals, high acidity

Naturals, 86+, from $7.05 USD/kg

Colibri: mature or overripe fruit, boozy, sweet, classic

Tucán: bright fruitiness, tropical fruit, candy-like, good clarity

Capuchin: process-driven fruit flavours, acetic-like acidity, ferment  


Shipping will begin in June, so selections can be made until the end of May. 

Marysabel Caballero and her husband Moises Herrera

About Marysabel & Moises

Marysabel and Moises are a power couple of specialty coffee. Both come from families with a long history in coffee production. The family is well known as pioneers in Honduran Specialty Coffee.

They have had their fair share of struggle on their way to establishing the operation they have now, in 2013 their farms suffered dearly from a leaf rust attack that nearly wiped out their entire production and which their farms suffered from for some years after.

It was in 2016 that they turned a corner when, after years of entering the COE competition without success, Marysabel won first place and the highest ever per kilogram price paid for a Honduran coffee in the auction.

We have seen them continue to evolve and improve over the years of working together. Most recently in their production of natural and cherry fermented coffees. 

Contact Alex now to get your Honduras sample pack.