Naturals available now

Natural coffees are now rested and the full potential can be assessed during cupping. Yirgacheffe and Guji have been producing pretty exceptional naturals this year with bright and intense fruit, plus some more delicate and floral profiles. Amongst our best are Hambela Wamena, Gedeb, Chelbesa and Buku Sayisa. Reach out to Alex for samples. 

Rainy season

The rainy season is around the corner and it will make it difficult to properly dry coffee, so expect to see increased moisture content in parchment from outturns processed from May onwards. We recommend booking the coffees as soon as possible to avoid this issue.

Prices this season

The prices for G1 remain stable. The purchase price has been hovering around $3 USD/lb and is currently right below this level.


The Suez Canal is running smoothly and our containers leaving Djibouti have not encountered any major delays. There may be delays at port or discharge due to Covid restrictions and overflow of containers however we don’t expect these to exceed two weeks. 

Our main shipping partner, Msc, have available containers in Addis again. In March there was a shortage of containers around the country due to many being held back in Asia. For now the shortage is solved and containers are available from most of the shipping lines. Sailing dates are more spread than usual, but do not exceed two weeks. 

Upcoming elections 

The Ethiopia General Election is June 5. It is hard to predict what impact this event might have on the supply chain. Previous elections have prompted riots and the government usually responds by shutting down the internet and cutting power to prevent the spread of news that might interfere with the election. When this happens the coffee industry switches to manually recording all information which is a slow process. However peaceful elections can happen. 


Cases in Ethiopia are rising, currently around 2200 per day. There are no additional restrictions for now. 

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