The Ethiopia harvest is nearly over in all major coffee growing regions in Ethiopia. Washed coffees are being graded in ECX checkpoints and entering Addis warehouses by the truckloads.

West Arsi, Sidamo and Limu were the first coffee regions that were presented to us. Even though good, coffees generally lacked acidity and pronounced aromatic qualities. Early February was when we started to receive coffees well up in the 88’s. Guji and Yirgacheffe have developed greatly and are becoming more pronounced by the day.

Currently the minimum price set by the government is favourable. There are no delays in containers and generally, dry mills are running at 60% capacity due to reduced commercial volumes as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The pandemic has obviously made it very challenging to have a full team on the ground in Ethiopia. Fortunately Sisay has been managing the office for several months and I have been able to travel back to Addis (taking all possible precautions) and is cupping and selecting coffees on behalf of our customers.

Contact me for samples or more information on this year’s offering.

Sisay has been ably managing the office in Alex’s absence