There are few origins we have been more excited about lately than Peru. It ticks all our boxes: great quality and flavour profiles, plus a quality-focused philosophy and well established sustainability practices. Peru has great washed coffees to offer, and the basic environment, elevation, and climate are perfect for quality. Plus most coffees are organic by default.  Production is very reliant on communities and cooperatives working in smaller groups. This means our impact is easy to measure. 

Peru offers both stable, clean and solid washed coffees in good volumes at a good price point, and or complex, fruit driven, rich, floral and vibrant coffees for your espressos or filters. 

They could easily take the place of any Central American Bourbon, or a unique washed coffee from any place in South or Central America, including good regional Colombians. 

Peru Coffee Categories

Our Projects

We work with two partners in Peru, Origin Coffee Lab and Eleva Finca.

Origin Coffee Lab is an exporter with a clear commitment to improving producer livelihoods through quality training and premiums. Eleva Finca is an umbrella organisation working with several small cooperatives, helping them access the specialty market through quality focused farm training, plus extensive sustainability programs including a reforestation project we are proud to support.