Colombia has such a diversity of altitudes, micro-climates and environments that on any given day of the year, there is coffee being harvested somewhere in this country. We focus our sourcing on four regions to ensure a regular supply of quality Colombian coffees: Huila, Nariño, Antioquia and Tolima.

Our sourcing strategy in Colombia is to find partners who can help us build long term relationships with farmers. Partners are private producer groups, cooperatives or exporters who have invested in a growing community. We call these partnerships “projects” and with each project we aim to make a long-lasting impact within a community, to provide access to the specialty market for high quality producers who were otherwise selling locally, and to lift the overall quality of coffees within the community.

These projects go beyond buying. Each program includes additional services for producers and communities to improve quality and access the market, such as agronomy education or regular events connecting producers to roasters.

Colombia Coffee Categories

Our Projects

We have several projects with long-term partners in Colombia. These projects seek to improve quality and provide access to the market for communities of coffee growers. This is where we will begin our search for your Colombian coffees.