Our service began as the sourcing department for Nordic Approach, and we were established as a separate company in 2017.

We offer our extensive experience in supply chain management to roasters and importers seeking high-quality, traceable and ethically sourced coffees directly from origin. We can confidently handle the work of sourcing and shipping high quality coffee, so you can focus on your core business.

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Tropiq stands for:


We will share any information we have, or are able to digg out for any coffees we buy. This goes for both pricing of services down the chain as well as who it’s bought through and any details on the coffees itself. Depending on where you buy coffees there might be limitations towards trace ability. Meaning if you e.g. work with a Cooperative you might not always know the names of all the producers of a mixed lot etc.


Whether it is coffee farmer and producers, Co-operatives, exporters, NGO’s, growers associations or others involved in the supply chain we believe in strong partnerships. We also think quality sustainability comes from longer term strategies developed together with our suppliers.

Open Source:

By open source we mean sharing is key for all parties involved. Whether this is by an open book policy from our end, or simply sharing practical information on coffee growing and production from producing partners in origin we believe it can help the industry in general.

Product development:

We aim at investing in projects and build more infrastructure to actively take part in product development and new trends concerning growing and processing of coffee. When producers have the right growing conditions and philosophy we also commit so they can invest in quality and experiments without too much risk.


We aim at being the best in what we do. This means that when we source and you buy a coffee from us it should be great within it’s segment.But quality is more than flavour and grading. We will do quality control to manage the supply chain. And we will do our best to facilitate great service, marketing material, follow up and information throughout the whole process. Both for farmers, exporters and our clients.