Tropiq combines many years of experience in sourcing coffees from challenging origins, with the on-the-ground know-how and experience.

Morten Wennersgaard

Founder & MD, Oslo, Norway

Morten has more than a decade of experience sourcing and buying directly from producers in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Before founding our sister company, Nordic Approach in 2011, he worked for nine years as Product Manager and Buyer at Solberg & Hansen Coffee Roasters in Oslo, Norway.

Morten knows that great coffees come from long-term relationships where producers and suppliers are well paid for quality.

Joanne Berry

Director of Coffee, Oslo, Norway

Joanne is an experienced specialty green coffee buyer with a coffee resume spanning South Africa, the UK and Norway. In the last four years working with Tropiq and our sister company, Nordic Approach. Joanne built on her already extensive experience in East Africa, and has since turned her focus to Latin America.

Joanne thrives on building relationships at all points of the specialty coffee spectrum and believes good coffee is borne of respect and commitment between every person in the supply chain.

Alexander Lenouvel Hansen

East Africa Buyer, Oslo, Norway

Alexander received a crash course on the specialty coffee supply chain while working for a small independent importer in its lean start-up days. His business card couldn’t fit all the roles he fulfilled, including Logistics Manager, Lab Manager, Sales Representative and Buyer.

To better understand the origin side of the supply chain, he worked stints in Nicaragua and Burundi, before joining the Tropiq team in 2018 as East Africa Buyer. He finds the single job title still encompasses many varied tasks, and this is what he loves about coffee.

Marco Berra

GM, Tropiq Ethiopia

Before moving to Ethiopia, Marco was a long time resident of Tanzania where he worked as the General Manager of Tembo Coffee Company from 2013 to 2018. Before beginning his career in coffee, Marco worked in the garlic export industry in China and Hong Kong for several years. Marco is a fluent speaker of Spanish, English, Mandarin Chinese and Kiswahili and he likes to say that he speaks French with a Chinese accent.

Semeon Abay

Product and Quality Manager, Tropiq Ethiopia​

Semeon’s coffee journey began in Denver Colorado where he worked as Head Roaster and Production Manager at Novo Coffee. On his return to Ethiopia he worked as Sourcing Manager for Ninetyplus. Semeon joined Tropiq Ethiopia in 2018 and manages all of our special preparations, experimentation and dissemination, as well as overseeing cupping and grading, packaging and transportation of all coffees we buy in Ethiopia.

Ted Maberly

Lab & Customer Relations,Tropiq Ethiopia

It was quite natural for Ted to move to Ethiopia to work in coffee exporting. He was raised on a farm in the UK, educated in Hospitality Business Management at university, and has long held a fascination for Africa and a deep love for coffee.

In the Tropiq Ethiopia office Ted looks after client needs and relationships and works in the Tropiq lab. He strongly believes that great coffee is a result of everybody being happy and fulfilled with what they are doing — there must be smiles all around, from farmer to consumer!

Sisay Weldeamanue

Lab Assistant, Tropiq Ethiopia

Sisay began her coffee career as a cupping room specialist for Testi Trading where she learned the ins and outs of managing a lab. She expanded her skill set with a time at Ninety Plus where she worked as a logistics officer, managing the extensive paperwork required to move coffee out of Ethiopia. At Tropiq Ethiopia Sisay is in charge of the day to day running of the lab, preparing and roasting samples and setting up cuppings. She is eager to develop her skills as a coffee cupper and is also currently studying accounting at Queen’s University in Addis Ababa.